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At least i could find a store online deliver to NY. Thank you guys. When is the new sleep pod dropping on the website? really need it for my husband,  Please email me when it drops.
Richard / March 17, 2024
The Diamond pods are awesome, The puffs are just what i expected. Keep it up with the Quality.
Will highly recommend.
Mark.Bill / February 8, 2024
First time ordering online, Delivery was a little slow but the quality is great.
Purchased a pound of Gelato Weed for the first time online and was delivered straight to my address. Slow delivery but high five for the quality.
Janet.H / February 5, 2024

The 1:1 CBD Remedy Dream Pax Pod Changed my life. Words can’t describe how incredible this business is. You are saving my life. Thank you!

J.Anthony /January 28, 2024

Great Customer service. I bought my first Pax pro and pods today hope it’s as good as it’s reviews. Just got a mail it was delivered. Thank you

S.Jeff / December 21, 2023
I’ve ordered several times and have been happy every time with the quality and the services. I do wish there was more selection. Especially of hash and other concentrates.
M.Rawlings / December 13, 2023
2nd time I ordered, delivery is quick even with Canada post strike . Got the pods, it’s worth every puff A+++
Matt / December 7, 2023

The pax pods are everything i desire right now. I carry it along with my pax pro Anywhere. Will definitely order again. We need a shop soon in Texas.

A.Chris / November 11, 2023
I was a little skeptical at first, the deals seemed to good to be true but am ever impressed.. i will be making the switch and using this site from now on.
Janet.H / November 3, 2023

Quality buds, Great bud for the price. If Delivery can be little faster will be perfect.

J.Anthony /October 28, 2023

My advice.. Stop reading my review now and place an order and get ready to be blown away! lol

S.Jeff / October 19, 2023
This Diamond pods and edibles are the best i have had so far. Don’t know if i got hit by the gummies or the pods lol. Thank for the customer service and delivery.
M.Rawlings / October 8, 2023
Your recommendations did not work for me, The gummies got me so high and lost. Thanks anyway for the fast delivery.
Dickson Grey/ September 17, 2023
 Keep it up with the Quality of the buds, Gassss
Annabel / October 10, 2023
Great product selections and quality. All love from SC.
Jordi.P / August 23, 2023

Very impressive, got me as high and steady. will recommend to others.

Clara / August 9, 2023

Honest AAA+

George.O / August 1, 2023
I have used this site a handful of times, Must say the customer service is great.
Roland.C / August 4, 2023
Cannabis helps with my pain, sleep troubles, nausea and daily depression and anxiety. Thanks for always coming through.
Matt / July 30, 2023

Edibles (not smoking) have been highly effective in combo with my other arthritis meds, methotrexate, humira, etc. just started and there is improvement every day. Didn’t try to get it covered

Carol / July 19 , 2023
I have Trigeminal neuralgia and standard meds had no effect but they did have severe side effects. Cannabis reduces the pain in severity and frequency
to almost zero. Thank you 420 Dispensary for all you do for me.
Mike.Dean / June 3, 2023

Used 1:1 CBD Remedy Dream pods. It Helps with my anxiety and anxiety attack and relieve my nerve pain in the back from disc herniation. Compared to Tramadol the side effects are very little. Only dizziness, a bit forgetful and hungry! Otherwise it helps a lot. You can’t get addicted to Cannabis as well or need to adjust the dose.

Tk.high / May 8, 2023

I tell everyone about this site! Such good buds for the price! Keep it up guys! I got so Live Rosin on my last order it’s amazing

Jackson / May 4, 2023
shipping was fast and product was at a level you don’t find in licensed shops, around Alberta, was impressed. One smell of that Gelato
and they had a loyal customer going forward.
paulvivian / April 25, 2023
First time customer. It was so easy to order and delivery was efficient. Loving the Day time pods it keeps me going through out the day. I’m definitely coming back for more.
larry / April 9, 2023
Did not like my delivery guy, He took too long for the over night delivery.
Kay / April 2, 2023
Wow!! So there is a dispensary that offers refunds after cancelling an order.…. Very cool service unlike other pieces of shit
Jason / March 5, 2023

Deliveries to the UK take so long up to 72 hours. Can you reduce that?

Aaron T / February 13, 2023

Thank you for my order, See you soon.

S.Jeff / January 21, 2023
Thanks for starting my new year with this Extra pods. Love you guys.
Mario / January 8, 2023


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